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“Getting UP with Andy Greenberg”   
National radio personality and TV talk show host will present “Getting UP with Andy Greenberg”

This humorous and entertaining program is based on  his national radio vignettes that were heard by millions  on 100’s of stations for 5+ years , his book “Your HIgh” his TV show and personal life. Andy has traveled to 76 countries, all 50 states and every major league ball park.

  In a very unique and entertaining way Andy takes everyday objects and events and turns them into
memorable insights and though provoking ideas that can be used every day.

Learn how ordering eggs, being stuck in traffic, the grocery clerk a copy machine and many more will result in more smiles and a fulfilling day.  

His TV show “Your Omaha HIgh” received national attention and rave reviews from industry professionals and viewers.

The attendee will leave with easy to use, simple and highly effective techniques to enjoy and prosper every day. The presentation will highlight some of the over 1363 original ideas and vignettes.

Join the millions who tuned in everyday on radio and see him live!

 Never Close a Sale – Always Open!

Learn how a simple change in the way you approach sales, the prospect, and the
customer will have your competitors wondering why your sales and market share are
increasing at their expense!  This method works for business to consumer and business to business-from a one time small dollar sale to multi million dollar contracts. Comments such as ” I have been selling for years and simply did not know how much I can improve my ability to generate revenue for myself and my company!” are always heard.

By Appointment Only

Overall outcome of the presentation and workshop is to introduce for immediate and easy use innovative techniques designed to get prospects eager to set an appointment with you.

How to  immediately establish rapport with the design maker in the first minute

How to structure an introductory e-mail that will result in a call back

How to leave a message on phone mail that will result in a call back

How to work a room where prospects are available

How to  work a booth at a trade show

1 simple question that will displace an incumbent

1  simple statement that will arouse the interest of a prospect who never      advertised on radio before

The presentation will feature new techniques in each one of the above area’s and stories of how they work based on my years of selling muti-level decision makers form SR VP’s to business owners.  It will be interactive and memorable.

Who’s Buzzing Me?-Create a “Personal MEdia!

Learn how to create very low-cost BUZZ about you and your business. A fun-filled interactive seminar that will have your contacts, prospects, clients and employees raving about you!  It takes your reputation  to the next level by creating your  “Personal Media” and answers the question “now that I have met you-what do I do?”

Do You See What I See?

Ideal for all businesses, governments and individuals, “Do You See What I See” takes your teams opinions and molds them into a concise and executable vision that is shared with all levels of eager supporters. This interactive workshop is insightful as well as entertaining and extremely productive. Each attendee will experience the teamwork building and is an integral part of the process. It’s your turn to learn how to “Create the Future then Make it History” as a team!

On Your Marketing, Get Set, GO!
Developed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses seeking creative solutions for their brand, highlighting its unique qualities and separating it from the crowded marketplace. The goal of the seminar is increased revenue and profits. The techniques are so easy to implement and presented in a very enjoyable and memorable seminar.

Leadership Skills – Build Loyal Supporters!

There are no followers, only loyal supports. From teens to seasoned adults, leadership techniques and understanding the needs of supporters are combined to shatter the myth that a person is a born leader. This course will give you the skills you need to create a loyal following of supporters who will pursue the achievement of the team’s goal.  It is highly interactive and introduces concepts and techniques that have been described as novel and easy to adapt by anyone who attends

Turn Your Customers into Life Long Fans

A special presentation for those businesses who are looking to separate themselves from the competition through new customer service insights.  Your after the sale support and service will create life long fans for your company, products, people and future.  They will root for and support your growth!

Negotiation Skills
A step by step approach and workshop that will support your efforts for higher prices, price increases when dealing with your market place and for lower prices and better terms when dealing with your suppliers. The money left on the table will be on the side you are sitting on! ! The techniques are based on my years of experience selling multi-million dollar long term contracts in price sensitive markets.

Why can’t you understand what I am saying?

Is it what we said or how we are saying or writing it?  The words we use are important to us, but are they as important to others.  Together we will learn the art of communication.  Verbal and non-verbal skills will be enhanced as  we explore what the message is, who is delivering it and to whom.  Never let anything get lost it the translation anymore.  Communications is very simple once you understand the complexities.

How to deal with difficult people and resolve conflict

 Is the difficult person always the other person?  How do we break down barriers and eliminate the walls of mistrust that took seconds or years to build?  Each attendee will learn how to prevent a situation from becoming combative and turn it into an experience of long lasting  resolution and respect.

The Art of Public Presentations

I start by shattering the fears of Public Speaking, reveal techniques then train each attendee on their own newly acquired skills.  With in one hour even the shyest person will transform into a confident and influential speaker

It’s Safe to Say

A special presentation just for manufacturing managers and executives that focuses on techniques to reduce accidents by inspiring a culture of safety on the shop floor, construction and all other places where safety and accident elimination need immediate attention.


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