Andy’s work speaks for itself. View samples of Andy’s work and read glowing reviews of his time spent inspiring others!

Speaking/Teaching MBA Students

Our attendees were energized and really enjoyed the enthusiastic dynamism of Andy while presenting on negotiations and managing conflict. While enjoying the presentation from Andy, they felt that the educational content was excellent as well. We look forward to seeing Andy again in the near future at another event.


Jorge E. Gomez, CPSM, C.P.M.

President & CEO

ISM of South Florida, Inc.


Dear Andy,

Elyse and I want to sincerely thank you for your fascinating lecture on Monday, February 13, 2017 at Bellaggio JHC. The members of our club were very impressed with your knowledge, expertise and creativity. Your extensive research and preparation was clearly evident with your wide range of videos to enhance your presentation.  Your presentation was highly engaging, entertaining, inspiring and informative. The feedback we received from our members was very positive and I know they very much appreciated your coming to our club.   Thank you so very much for enlightening us, for and engaging our members in your presentation.


Thanks again,

Linda Schrank and Elyse Remis

Co-Chairs, Bellaggio JHC Lecture Series


Hi Andy,

I wanted to thank you so very much for speaking to the J Cl. The response from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. The subject matter, your manner of presentation and your wealth of information all contributed to a fun-filled, humorous and informative program. You related so well to our audience with your projected enthusiasm for the topic . Your explanations were clear and focused. I have received so many members’ appreciation and accolades for this morning’s program. learned a We were very fortunate to have you present this lively, interesting and relevant program.


Many thanks,

Linda Schrank

Bellaggio J H C

(The following year)



On behalf of Palm Isles Chapter of the Pap Corps, I want to tell you how much we enjoyed

your motivational presentation. It was entertaining, most informative and the feedback I received was exceptional. No one will forget about the three eggs. I, in fact, will definitely try that!

We “Thank You” for spending your morning with us and we are hoping programs such as yours will further encourage our people to attend meetings and participate in our fund raising efforts.


E Werner, Programming Chairperson PAP Core Palm  Isles


Dear Andy,
The Bellaggio Winter Residents Club wishes to thank you for your
presentation “Getting Along With Difficult People” on April 15. Your
engagement of the audience was masterful. Making them realize that they
might be one of the difficult members of a pair was enlightening. The
prcsentation was not only instructive but entertaining and extremely well
received. We look fonrard to hearing you again next year.
Jerry Axinn


Thank you for the awesome presentation of “Getting UP with Andy Greenberg”.  You’re ability to capture the attention of the staff, and bring real life situations to our group was remarkable.  You brought the ‘motivation’ and the ‘skills for goal setting’ to our meeting…… and when we left our training seminar, we were actually the ones to possessed these most valuable assets.

Thank you for all you do,

Sheriff Bill Brueggemann

Cass County Sheriff’s Office





It was truly a pleasure meeting you and learning from your presentation last night.   I find myself thinking and applying some of points which we discussed yesterday since its fresh in my mind.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to seeing your again in March for our symposium.

E Texeria

Purchasing Specialist- Amadeus



Bravissimo… thanks so much for coming.  The feedback has been terrific.


You really got me thinking about aspects of our life that I truly had not thought about before, especially the exercise about the line and how we tend to limit ourselves. 


Thank you VERY much for coming!

Omaha World HErald

Larry MacTaggart HR Generalist

Dear Andy-

Thank you for a most extraordinary and capturing evening.  You were amazing!

R. Adler


Dear Andy

The audience of nearly three hundred gave numerous compliments and bursts of applause for this outstanding program.

A. Engenthal


Dear Andy:

The comments I am about to make really are what the people in attendance were saying.

The Rotary International President, Sakuji Tanaka Special Representative, said it was such an excellent presentation she learned several things that she can use as she continues to represent the RI President and it was a learning experience for several of people who she talked with during the conference.  People were all really talking about how they enjoyed it and it helped to make the conference meaningful and enjoyable for them.  Many said it was the best conference they have attended and you and the mornign FBI speaker made it, along with the opportunities in the break out session to learn new things, like from you.  I thing anyone in attendance, if they were asked to recommend you  they would do it with pleasure.

Dick Galusha

Rotary District 5650 Governor

WOW! Thank you so much to Andy Greenberg for an incredible Business4Business workshop today! We each went through eye-opening exercises about: articulating our actual occupation; the definition of selling; identifying outcomes; articulating our value to customers; our unique company/product aspects; our personal qualifications and experience; and ultimately how to confidently and effectively communicate our value proposition!

Michelle S Founder


Very inspirational and motivational. The speaker has a great way to change your behavior, moods and the way you see your life and plans

I Gleason TBG telemarketing

_________________________________________________________________Andy was amazing! I learned a lot of valuable skills that I am looking forward to shore with my team

B Huffman Analyst TBG

I absolutely enjoyed your presentation and wrote down the great questions you asked so that I could reflect on them further. Very insightful!
Kevin S
Certified Executive and Business Coach, Speaker, Trainer

It was such a pleasure meeting you, Andy! Thank you for being such a bright part in so many lives…you are one-in-a-million!
Dana L

Thank you again for engaging with B4B and making a huge difference with our members. You really know how to engage an audience and share much information in a short period of time. Have you ever thought of writing a sales and marketing book? Also, your class at Bellevue University has to be AMAZING!

John G
Franchise owner

Hi Andy, THANK YOU for sharing your insights with us! We have had such tremendous feedback.

Michelle S Founder B4B

Thank you so much for joining us at the Member’s Luncheon!! I heard fantastic comments from everyone in attendance.

Andy Greenberg is an inspirational speaker and a fantastic communicator. His delivery is witty, thought provoking and highly entertaining. The feedback we received from our Chamber Members was extremely positive and we would have no hesitation in recommending him to prospective clients.

Thanks again!!

Tara Lee President Ralston Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you so much for all of your time this morning and over the last few weeks. You have been a tremendous help in getting me started on thinking about getting my program out there strategically, and pulling it down to the steps involved. If it hadn’t been for the time spent with you, I might still be spinning on where to start. I am so excited to take some of the clarity and sense of purpose you and I have been able to pull out here and put it into a digital presence and start to create that strong “brand”! And I hope to work with you again in the future getting that brand out there and in demand!
T Cody President


 I enjoyed the presentation yesterday. The interaction that you had with the audience made for a great atmosphere. The way that this interaction played into how the audience then interacted with others in the room was an added perk! Lots of good ideas on how to deal with and avoid conflict within our lives. I appreciated the confirmation that I am already doing some things the right way. That was a good feeling!

Hopefully, I will be able to attend more of your seminars.

 It was great to meet you,

 Dana Hart, Agent

American Family Insurance


Excellent Presentation, Andy Greenberg has a strong talent

B Crawford Director Global Initiatives 3rd Degree

_________________________________________________________________Andy did a fantastic job in relating the material to everyone in the group

J Kilbasa General Sales Manager Nebraska Furniture Mart


Hi Andy,

We had a fantastic time last night and got great reviews!! You positive spin on “the close” brought a great dynamic to our group and sparked some great conversations!

Thank you!


Gabrielle Johnson

Marketing & Events Coordinator // Verde Martin



Beautiful!  Thank you for representing me Andy 🙂  Just so you are aware, March ended up being the BEST month since I’ve opened!  That includes new members, and billings 🙂

Dr. A Sommers


Hello Andy,

As I wrote in my SC Leadership Survey, I have been to many leadership presentations but none like yours.  Your style and communications skills are exceptional.  It made learning fun.  I suggested SC invites you back sometime for a follow up.  Kind of like we all get a physical from the Doc, maybe a four hour re-enforcement class in early 2014.

Mike Cavanaugh                                                                                                                                        

Manager Injury Prevention

Safety and Technical Training Division

Omaha Public Power District


Good Morning Andy!

Thank you again for coming and speaking to our guests at Remington Heights!  Your presentation was simply wonderful.  Your words were a great refresher for the human soul! You reminded us of what we know, but often forget as we get lost and immersed in our hectic lifestyles and the rapid pace of our days.  Your words were a gift,  and I appreciate you sharing them with my guests and I.Warm Regards,

Amy A. Birkel General Manager

Remington Heights



Thank you very much for your enlightening presentation.  I greatly enjoyed it. I am new to the Tourism and Chamber world but come from a psychology background so your presentation made wonderful sense in the aspect of perceptions that we give and receive. It is amazing to me how something as simple as changing the words you use everyday can completely change an outcome. I think many people take that for granted.  Although, I will admit that finding the right words to describe what I do was a challenge.  Thank you for “working the brain muscles.” I look forward to sharing what I learned with the rest of my board and committees.

Thank you again.

Kristina Raisch

Greater Franklin County Chamber of Commerce

Franklin County Tourism

Main Street Coordinator



Thank you for your leadership insight and time spent with our Leadership Sarpy group.

It was a great, informative way to kick start our program.  Our participants were engaged the full day and left with effective principles to assist them today.

Many commented in our next session in how they used your conflict resolution and public speaking tools immediately following the session-with much more confidence.

You were a pleasure to work with throughout the entire selection process.  I couldn’t be more grateful for your help in making my “first kickoff” retract a success.

Laura Troy

Sarpy Chamber of Commerce



Hi Andy

I just wanted to say “Thank You” again for speaking at our
Omaha Empowerment Breakfast this morning –you did a GREAT job and the topic
matter of motivational and inspirational insights was perfect for our audience
of small business owners and resource providers.

Like I mentioned to you, I enjoy the vignettes you have on
1110 KFAB radio every morning!   After the breakfast this morning, I
had people come up to me and say that they also have heard you on the radio –
you have a very distinctive voice – and very much enjoyed your presentation to
the group!   Other comments included:  “I would like to hear
more”, “thank you for having him speak at the breakfast – hope he can come
again”, “entertaining and thought provoking”, “I came to the breakfast because
Andy was on the program”.

Again Andy, thank you for making our Omaha Empowerment
Breakfast this morning one to remember!!

Barbara Foster

Business Development Specialist

U.S. Small Business Administration Testimonials



I listen to your morning radio show every chance I get and when I am fortunate enough to be awake at that magic moment. I hope to be there and I thank you for keeping me in your communications. All the best and keep believing and bestowing your enthusiasm upon us!

Michele F

I am happy to endorse Andy Greenberg.  I have had the opportunity to work and get to know him personally.  He is effective at all levels  As a public speaker demonstrative and entertaining.  Are you are looking to learn “how to sell” like I was when I hired him?  Consider Mr. Greenberg because he has mastered the semantics of sales and is a fantastic coach.  If your  business is looking for someone to improve sales processes, speak to your employees and help grow your profits than call Andy Greenberg.  I recommend him highly.

Sean M. McGuire


E.D. Bellis Healthcare Consultants



  It was good to see you yesterday and thanks again for your presentation.  I’ve been having trouble staying motivated and focused for a while now, and it was good to be reminded of some perspectives and ways of viewing things that I tend to forget in the “dailyness” of life (and that fact that my wife and I haven’t had a vacation for several years might have something to do with it as well I’m sure).

Tom S -Society of Retired Executives


The executive group had a very favorable response.  I have attached one email that I received from a mid-level manager.

I was very pleased with the presentation; you did a great job and exceeded my expectation.

Joe Bosco

Human Resource Director

Vodec Industries

Thank you, thank you Joe…for arranging for the speaker we experienced this morning.  Hands down, it was the best presentation we have had, in my almost 1 year of being at Vodec.  Can you please provide his name again (my Alzheimer’s is kicking in, ha).  I would very much like to get in touch with him.

Thanks again.

Bridget GrecoVocational Services Supervisor – Millard

Vocational Development Center, Inc.


Good morning Andy!  Thank you very much for being at our meeting last week!  Your message and delivery was engaging and very helpful to us, thank you!  Maybe our paths will cross again another time- hope you enjoy the rest of the summer!  Take care,


Ms. Curry Koch, CMP

Manager, Global Accounts




Thank you for an amazing presentation!

Tonja Barwick

Regional Vice President Masters Club

Helms Briscoe


“Andy’s message, experience and on camera presence make him a perfect contributor to our portfolio of high-profile, successful speakers. His innovative approach and simple solutions make him an in-demand representative of our industry. He is the only one that I know of who has a daily radio message that frankly should be heard nationally.”

Justin Sachs, President of Motivational Press



Today was a great day because you made peoples lifes better.  They laughed, they smiled and they thought about what you said.

I too  make work better for my customers.  That is why I exist.

Isn’t life great when you can have that type of impact?  I think so!

Wishing you the best!

Kind regards,

Dan Schultz, Edocumnet Resources, Acoount Manager, Government


Great job and thanks for presenting a super seminar on Negotiating!  I think everyone enjoyed it and learned so many new concepts on how to better negotiate to a win-win!!

Bob Mancuso Mid-America Exposition


Hi Andy,

Thank you so much for taking time to present to our group this morning, I have already received some terrific responses from the staff.  Thanks and safe travels,


Gil Cohen
Executive Vice President
Sales and Marketing
Omaha Magazine


Andy, thank you again for such a wonderfully professional leadership seminar.  You were VERY well received!

Ann Burke-International Association of Administrative Assistants-Heartland


Dear Andy,
Thanks for your excellent presentation at today’s meeting of the Omaha Suburban Rotary Club. You gave a fast paced, engaging, and entertaining speech that proved to be both inspirational and motivational. Our members are generally anxious to get back to work after our weekly Rotary luncheon, and more than a few of them have been known to duck out of the meetings early. That was not the case today, as they were glued to their seats during your presentation.
Howard Epstein President
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                              Andy – I loved your presentation today at Rotary … everyone there found something they could identify with whether it was shoes, ladders or reaching high. You are a great motivational speaker. I am so glad you will present at the National Safety Council, Nebraska Safety and Health Summit. Conference goers are in for a great experience. I was wishing I had my staff with me to hear your words of wisdom
Kay Farrell-President


I enjoyed your presentation tremendously. I often have difficulty making business presentation
apply to me and what I do. As a government employee we generally are dealing
with a different beast than most businesses. However, I had no trouble taking your comments and making them work for what I do on a daily basis.

J. Whalen A

Grand Island, NE 68803


Andy, thank you again for your help yesterday.

I truly appreciate working with you.  Since we met, I practiced my intro, re-wrote most of my notes, taking your advice + added some closing remarks, and updated all the slides as we talked about.  I’m excited to present it to a live group this afternoon and feel confident it will be MUCH better than it would have been as a result of working with you.

Heather A. Legge

Coaching Leaders to Change Results

ENVISION SUCCESS INC – Business|Executive|Success Coaching


Hi Andy,
Again, what a wonderful presentation! We are all inspired…we haven’t stopped talking about it!
Pam Monsky
Community Relations Director
Vocational Development Center, Inc. (VODEC)


Dear Andy,

Please accept my sincerest appreciation and gratitude for your willingness and valuable time to come and speak to the teen and adult members of our Omaha NSA (National Stuttering Association) support groups this past Thursday evening.  I can’t speak for everyone, (nor would I ever!) but you certainly woke up a part of me that had been sleeping for most of my adult life!  I wish you nothing but the best, because I know you’ll not settle for anything less!

Best regards and thank you once again,

Joan Cahalan M.S., CCC-SLP, BRS-FD

Omaha, Nebraska


You made the subject come alive with your personal stories and witty comments.  Your knack of walking around the room, making eye contact with our folks and calling on them to offer their own experiance, made for a very effective program.

Larry Raful- Dean and Professor of Law-Touro Law School




I enjoyed your presentation this morning.  As a veteran facilitator, presenter and self proclaimed motivational speaker I was surprised by the many ideas and concepts I was able to take away from your presentation this morning.

Thanks again for a very entertaining and educational experience this morning.

Terry L. Nigh

Director of Development- Childrens Hospital


You are amazing!!!! Your participation inspired all the particpants yesterday.

Marta S

Executive Director

Midlands Latino Community Development Corporation



Thank you for speaking to the Omaha chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD Nebraska) today. Your topic, “Secrets of Inspirational Instruction,” was exactly the kind of program I was hoping for. In fact, it exceeded my expectations! As a corporate trainer, I plan to immediately implement the key ideas and tools you gave us. I especially liked  activities–they were dynamic and engaging. You are clearly an expert in public speaking and training and it was such a pleasure to attend your program this morning.

Best regards,

Cat Rawlings, CPLP
Corporate Trainer
Applied Underwriters


Thanks so much for your outstanding presentation at the Better Business Bureaus annual retreat.  To a person, my staff was thrilled with your message and felt the material was tailored to meet our current needs.  Considering the short notice you were given I was very impressed with the outcome.  You clearly listened to what I told you about our current challenges and dealt with them quite specifically as you worked with our group.

We are no doubt a better team than we were before we met you.
Jim Hegarty
President & CEO Omaha Better Business Bureau


Andy’s presentation was both thought provoking and dynamic.  He engaged the audience by walking into the audience as he spoke.  In short, if you want an interesting and thought provoking presentation ask Andy Greenberg to speak about leadership.

Donald N. Baum

Chair Department of Economics- University of Nebraska-Omaha


Andy thank you for the awesome presenter that you are, Andy you are the best Omaha has to offer folks!

Thanks again for your willingness to share your expertise with the group. You are a real blessing to people.

Mike Familetti

Godly Job Search


I enjoyed your presentation last night very much.  Yes, I found it very motivating.  Even more in my personal life at this current time then in my professional life.   And I know that everything that you said applies to both.  What you presented is a daily way of life that can’t help but have good affects in all areas.  Thank you for sharing.  I feel a renewed energy for life this morning and I am taking steps to apply this new energy daily and throughout the day.  Thank you again.

LaVonne Misner

Purchasing Director/ IT Director

Greater Omaha Packing Co., Inc


Andy has great passion for his profession and relays that to the listener.  He brings to the table new ways to engage that next potential client….before you ever have the appointment.

Christine  NRG Media – Lincoln

I came away from Andy Greenberg’s presentation with what I felt were some wonderful reminders

for me as I endeavor to make more sales and create new longtime customers for us to enjoy

Fred NRG Media-Lincoln


Thank you for being our keynote speaker.  You were incrediable! We are so grateful.

Erica Heidvogal

Womens Coucil of Realtors- Omaha


Hi ANDY, I thought that your presentation was wonderful. I have been trained by many and was impressed!

Jerry Buhr



Andy – you did a great job and the remarks were all positive.  You have a flair that others do not.

Betty Case

Service One



Great job this morning!  It was impactful to hear these basic concepts and you made it sound so attainable.  It’s a nice change to give our people the training on just doing better in their life as opposed to that work task, what a great way to start off the week!

Angie Quinn- President- Performance Automotive Group (11 dealerships)


Hi Andy!

I have to say…you do an awesome job!!!  Lot’s of wonderful “take aways” from your presentation!

Thanks so much!

Cheryl Ring
Manager, Client Service
Travel and Transport, Inc.



Thanks so much for providing the power-point presentation for your workshop.  It was boost that I needed.  I am also enjoying your CD.

Ernie Boykin, Stokes Corporation.


Thank you so much for joining us last night.  Your presentation was wonderful and followed the objectives of our Meet the Chapter Night perfectly. I heard nothing but positive comments from everyone in the group.  Several people asked how I had found you and said it was “The best speaker we have ever heard.” I don’t think there’s much more than that for me to say.  We have had a lot of speakers in the past, and most of them discuss their careers and maybe a few things they learned along the way.  However, the motivational tools have never been included. I know there are a lot of members who have lost the excitement of Delta Sigma Pi.  Your speech showed our potential members AND current members that the organization can really impact their lives with speakers who discuss their experiences and offer relevant advice.

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! I know we were all very impressed!

Thank you again,
Crystal Delta sigma PI-Wayne State College


It was a pleasure having you as a speaker. You are so professional and easy to work with. After your session, attendees were raving about what a dynamic speaker you are and wanted to know when they could hear you present again! Thank you for helping to make our show a success. We look forward to working with you again in years to come.

Joy Scott, Conference Coordinator, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Events, Conferences & Gatherings


I thoroughly enjoyed your engaging, no-nonsense presentation yesterday. My team and I came away with some great information and ideas. Thank you for sharing!

Ann Kelleher
President/Owner, Integrity Staffing


I wanted to write to thank you again for the very enjoyable and informative presentation you made at the Buy the big I Show. We really enjoyd listening to you and thought you made a lot of great points.

Mark Hughes
Anderson Partners


Dear Andy,

On behalf of all out luncheon attendees, thank you for the engaging, dynamic and educational presentation. Out feedback was universally positive and please feel free to tell any upcoming organizations who are considering having you speak that the Sarpy County Chamber is proud to have “selected” you as a speaker!
Jane Nielsen, President
Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce


“Clear, concise and highly applicable concepts that can build momentum throughout the year!”

Mark Wehner Senior Vice President
Agent Development, NP Dodge Real Estate
Author “Results Coaching”


Your presentation hit on a lot of the challenges that retailers and this industry face—creating value vs. low cost, creating relationships/partnerships with customers, and building salesmen’s level of confidence in their value to the grower.  I personally enjoyed all the tips on how to change my behavior in order to create a more positive outcome for myself and the customer.  For example—selling outcomes, using the phrase “explore the opportunities…” and how to leave a voicemail that will have customers clamoring to return your call.

Mariah Swafford
Sales Represtitive
Syngenta Corp


” Thank You so very much.  You presentation was on point for the team.”  Debbie Bishop General Manager Hilton Waikola Village- Kona Hawaii

“Got great feedback from everyone!”  They are using what you taught.”  Rikki Leach ” Director of Training Hilton Wailokla Village- Kona Hawaii


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